Distribution and Manufacturing is a business which depends on accurate and time to time information about the goods distributed and manufactured.

  • Choosing the right ERP System which fulfills your business requirement is an important decision made by companies

  • The Distribution and Manufacturing company owners always need precise data to make better business decisions. As inaccurate and incomplete data is always hinder the growth and productivity of a company.

  • Having all the information like Optimization of margins, stock utilization, and other calculations under a single system will be a perfect solution for enhancing the business.

  • With all the information available at the single click, you can easily pick up the perfect option and select the right path for improvement of your business.

  • Reporting on inventory, Manufacturing, tax, journals, Accounting and financial is most important for any manufacturing industry.

  • It is difficult to manage the stock when you run a large scale business firm.

  • You should always be aware of the stock at different locations so that you can easily get them at the time of selling.

  • You should know about every particular thing in your warehouse.

  • Also, know about how much product needs to manufacture.

  • You cannot handle such big data in spreadsheets or handwritten notes as it can get misplaced anytime and can cause trouble.

  • The lost data can create bars resisting the growth of your business. In that case, creating a business management software for handling the calculations is the only solution of refraining from the loss caused because of data mismanagement.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block
  • Odoo is an open-source ERP software that proffers the modules for manufacturing and distribution departments. It handles all the simple as well as complex requirements of the company owners.

  • Odoo ERP support the growth in sales reduced idle stock, and streamlining the credit limit approval

  • With Odoo modules you can trace all the data of items coming in and going out of the factory. You can even keep the record of different types of items in your manufacturing list with its complete details.

  • Odoo ERP is used to automate the order management, accurate inventory levels, accounts receivables, payables, accounting, and financial management such as journal entries.

  • There are many other benefits of using Odoo software like accounting, managing sales, and purchase, etc. It also prevents you from adding the same data multiple times hence, saving both your time and money. Effective scheduler automatically organize Purchase order and manufacturing order and reserve product in stock

  • Reporting on inventory, tax, journals, financial and management accounting, etc.

Caret IT possesses massive experience in working with distribution and manufacturing business.

We have an expert team that works efficiently with Odoo, an open-source ERP and business management platform.

We work to help you in the management of your distribution and manufacturing business by collecting all the data in a single software that is exclusively developed for you. Yes, we have talented Odoo developers to customized Odoo software according to the requirements of our clients.

Firstly, they understand the whole business perception and enlist the requirements of the client for the software and then accordingly design the software.                                                                                              

The customized Odoo contains all the modules that are important for different kinds of business. Its track evaluation of the stock value according to the manufacturing activities as process in transformation  

Our software will definitely help you enhance your business with all your data stored in a single platform and make it available on a single click when needed.

If you find us trustworthy and want to connect with our team for the remarkable management of your distribution and manufacturing business, you are free to contact us anytime. We are available on chat, e-mail, and call.

Contact us to Implement most Trending Open source Odoo ERP with High quality and reasonable cost, For more details write to us.

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