Odoo ERP for Agriculture Industry

Odoo ERP for Agriculture Industry helps to maintain the business operations, ensuring the product quality, tracking the money accounting, facilitating the inventories, supply chain management, and distribution. Caret IT has created an Odoo open ERP software for the agriculture sector to meet the needs of inventory management in their sector. This system can be used by farmers, agricultural vendors, and agrochemical companies for the management of their business. The Agriculture industry makes an important contribution to the real-time supply of food resources and contributing to the economic prosperity of the nation.

Our aim is to generate the calculation of goods utilized while cultivating the crops so that the farmers can take out the estimate of the whole procedure and set up a budget for selling their goods. The Inventory tracking, quality control management, and timely delivery are assured with an ERP in the Agricultural Industry. The right ERP for Agriculture Industry can facilitate the business with different modules such as Inventory, Production, accounting, purchase, sales, and other HR divisions.  

Our Odoo experts have invented an extremely user-friendly system that the farmers and the local dealers can use efficiently without any issues. We have tried to keep the record of every possible aspect that is a necessary tool for farming.

The Odoo ERP system has always integrated information applications to make the best quality for all agricultural industry service. Caret IT has created a complete solution system that manages the whole procedure of farming with the exact calculation of materials used during the process. Our passionate team, who is always ready to indulge with new experiences have gathered all the possible information for creating this management tool. Our app can keep the complete record of the farmer’s land and also predict the right agronomical recommendations. We have covered a lot of features in our app that can help our clients in managing the whole farming procedure effortlessly. The elements we have tried to integrate with our system are:

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Odoo ERP can quickly and accurately control the information of invoicing, inventory, and sales. and also information about the land like border area, fertility analysis, type of soil, past climate events occurred, etc.

Keep the record of labor used in cultivating including manpower, machinery, vehicle or animal support.

Record of fertilizers applied to the farm per hector. Record of pesticides used per hector in the farm. An efficient method to track resource wastages.

Monthly / Yearly reports for an expense, revenue and balance, facilitating the management of corporate finances.

Keep the track of diseases that occurred in the land and the area affected by it. 

Information on crops cultivated on the land like seed size, vigor, seed density, variety, etc. 

Odoo ERP has been helping customers customize the most suitable manufacturing ERP for Agriculture Industry. The Odoo ERP implementation can manage modern agricultural services like fertilizer integration, intelligent aquaculture, intelligent breeding etc. Caret IT has the vision to develop this project further with some advanced features like web mapping with the Odoo geo engine module and many others. But this is our first step towards the agricultural industry. Right now, we have included the terms that can calculate the potential yield and farmers can compare and correlate the practices between two companion lands and obtain the best products from the land-based on the calculations for the particular land. We have kept the user’s facility at our priority list. Our app is so easy and simple that anyone can operate it efficiently once taught about it. Along with simplicity, security is also at its best in our app. So no one can enter the owner’s world without his permission.

Our team is our strength. They work dedicatedly 24X7 to provide you the best quality of work. The creative and custom modules are created just for you. We even offer the after services for the software. You can anytime contact us for updating the app or understand anything about it. We are always open to you. Feel free to join us for the development of your business on a technical path. Forget the long books for writing accounts and maintain it for years with a lot of space acquired. Just go with our Odoo apps and manage your whole business on it for a lifetime.  

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