Get Odoo Technical Certified!

Caret IT provides the Odoo technical training as every person wants to learn Odoo platform for their own professional growth. It is hard for a non-techie person to recognize the moves and choose the correct one to get the preferred result.

On the other hand, a tech person can clear up the troubles fast, successfully saving time and money. These days, company groups are looking for methods to train their personnel at an extraordinary level even with the aid of saving the time & cost. Even the basic introduction level training can dramatically improve the productivity of the employees.

    What is the course about?

    This course explains Odoo (formerly OpenERP) Technical concepts with the latest v15.0 and lets you understand the technical concept of many work areas and how you can apply these concepts using Odoo. 

    Who ought to be the target audience? Why?

    This course is designed to start out with the high-level idea and ending with elaborate levels, by alternative words it covers Odoo practicality from A-Z by over ninetieth, thus it target WHO desires to be Odoo certified, ERP useful authority, and WHO desires to use Odoo for his own business, thus it covers all levels:-

      High Level.

      Intermediate Level.

      Advanced Level.

    What you'll learn

    • Understand the Odoo concepts.

    • Become an Odoo Technical Expert.

    • Understanding Odoo Framework, Data Models and APIs.

    • Managing views, sequences, and workflows .

    • Configure Odoo using the standard modules and create a new module.

    • Configure Odoo Reporting and internationalization.

    How Does This Course add Values in your Business?

    • Apprehend the development concepts and architecture.

    • Install and administer Odoo.

    Pre-requisites of the Odoo Functional Certification Course:

    • Bring your own Laptop / Tablet devices.

    • If Possible, Install the Latest stable version of Odoo in your device. You can download the latest version from Odoo’s official website.

    • Good to possess a basic understanding of the corresponding business method.

    • Basic ideas of Enterprise Resource management, laws of management processes.

    What reasonable materials are included?

    The technical course is a handle by Odoo knowledgeable as Onsite or on-line which can learn you stepwise. This route is devoted to companions, integrators, and builders who need to understand the Odoo improvement technique. This route is for brand new builders or for IT professionals eager to research the extra Odoo technical factors.

    Duration of the Course:

    • Odoo Technical Training:  40hr

    How is that the course structured? 

    The course structure depends on space like (Odoo Module Development, Report Development, E-commerce and Website Development, Odoo Coding Standard...etc.).

    Who this Training program  is for:

    This course is devoted to Odoo Beginners and Python developers who wish to learn development in Odoo.

    The highlight of the Course content:

    • Exploring Odoo with its installation and configuration.

    • Knowledge of Odoo Framework, facts fashions, and APIs, managing views, sequences, and workflows.

    • Implementation of Odoo safety.

    • Odoo Reporting and internationalization.

    • Cost Proposition.

    • Get expertise about how Odoo modules can be advanced.

    • Expand the group of skilled Odoo Developers.

    • Get trained on the Odoo API to combine Odoo with a different software program.

    • Get arms-on revel in to realize how your technical team turns into greater efficiency in Odoo improvement.

    • Prepare Odoo improvement crew within a very short time frame.

    • Get Odoo’s modern-day model knowledge with new technical improvements.

    • Create a long phrases technical aid group to your consumer.

    • Begin the new Odoo branch and get key individuals skilled in Odoo Technical skill.

    • Want palms on enjoy to be professional speedy on all technical parts of Odoo.

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