Odoo is evolving rapidly with the latest features to improve productivity. To experience these unique features, keep updates with the latest odoo, Version migration will benefit to an enterprise.

Why Should Migrate to Latest Odoo Version?

Odoo has already proven itself to be a game-changing tool for businesses. At each new version, It's becoming a mature enterprise ERP. To enhance benefits, it is strongly recommended to migrate with the latest version. 

  • Performance: Odoo Claim, latest version 15 is our fastest and most mature version to date.

  • Usability: Lots of usability improvements were released in v15.0 like New Views added, and Easily drag and drop features, to know more about a massive usability  Improvements with v15.

  • Internet of things: To cover advanced market demand odoo has introduced an Internet of things module with the hardware device Odoo IOT Box.

"If currently using V10.0 or older, It's time to migrate with latest Odoo V15"

Types of Odoo Migration:

Module / Applications Migration: Module migration is a procedure to make modules /apps properly matched to the latest focused Odoo version. 

  • Standard Module Migration: Once a new version is released, all the supported apps are migrated to the latest version by odoo itself. So whatever apps are installed in the database, must be upgraded with the latest code from the source.

  • Custom - Third Party Application: Third-party apps migration is required, when we have customized standard modules according to our needs or had bought third-party apps from other sources.

Database Migration: Database migration is a technique of migrating existing databases to a focused version without dropping any information.

  • Odoo Enterprise: Odoo has its own platform for enterprise users to upgrade databases to the latest version. To know more about Enterprise Odoo Upgrade.

  • Odoo Community:  For Odoo Upgrade of a community database, the client has to move with the right Odoo Certified Partner like Caret IT. By using Open upgrade(Maintained by OCA) or Custom migration scripting, Odoo partner will upgrade the client database to the latest version.

Cloud ERP Migration - A Demand of 2020.

New Ways Of Thinking About Your Business

Let’s Review ‘How Caret IT follows Migration Procedure

Parameters, to be addressed before the migration procedure.

Want to know more about Odoo Migration?

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