During the ERP Implementation procedure, one of the common words we heard is “ Customization”. In simple terms, customization refers To modify existing ERP functionalities” for leverage benefits. Either its interface modification or code modification.

In past legacy software, vendors come with inbuilt features and force clients to use as it is, but with the modern technology era, power diverts to customers, Client has the flexibility to choose modules and customize according to needs. 

But as we know, Customization in ERP creates many doubts in mind, eg, Is customization effect Performance? What if it will create problems during Implementation and so on.

A common type of ERP customization, but not limited to following!

Interface Changes: Usability design changes based on end-user preferences.

Layout & Formatting: Do the required changes in forms, reports, and button actions to achieve localization functionality. 

Integration: As the Customer mind always looking for more, with modern Cloud base ERP like Odoo, Third-party integration is common requirements from the client now-days.

Extension: Source code Changes, add new features, change workflow changes to enhance functionality.

Is Odoo ERP really scalable enough to adopt Customization?

Reviews of any ERP Customization is multidimensional.                 

An ERP Customization can be Best for features A, B, C but Good with features D, E, F And May NOT SO GOOD with  X, Y, Z.  The same scenario applies to Odoo ERP Customization.  

The same scenario applies to Odoo ERP Customization. During Customization if follow the Odoo standards, Use of modern, robust technologies with built-in abstraction layers is really great with Odoo ERP Customization.  

  • Prefer to use Odoo Studio for minor customization

  • Manage separate module wise features with proper inheritance and dependency while major changes in code. 

  • Mange proper source code and documentation of customization-related activities to preserve the integrity of your ERP system and a void server-level modification as much as possible.

But as mentioned above as more customization the more complex your system becomes.  Poorly manage customization, may cause performance issues, hard to upgrade with future versions, and may time delay in Implementation to ERP failure as well.

Overall Odoo ERP Customization success is purely based on the use case scenario.

How Right Customization is a crucial point to ERP Implementation?

The Common Challenge with Any ERP is that, How much good it is, It's not fulfilling 100% requirements of your organization. That's why they involve flexibility vs standardization, Single Application for all departments vs best of breed approach and some other compromises.   

Once we add all organizations area for cutting-edge benefits, we find a significant reason to customize at-least a handful of areas in your ERP system. And these crucial areas magnified to do required changes rather than no change in software.

ERP Customization not Black or White, but Game Changer for Organization.

Of course, there is not straight black or white answer for ERP customization and many valid arguments to support either side. But At Caret IT, After years of experience with Odoo ERP, we find most of the mid-size to large enterprises need some level of Odoo ERP Customization to get competitive advantages of cutting edge cloud technology. 

We believe it's isn't a bad thing, to do it for those organizations are able to contain a level of customization via proper source code and project management and effectively manage change requests.

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What’s Next?

If You Implementing a new ERP, Make Sure how much customization it will need- and be sure the customization should be easy and cost-effective as possible. 

As Odoo had made it super easier to do a level of customization via inbuilt feature Odoo Studio. Contact ERP experts At Caret IT to discuss your ERP requirements.

Contact us to Implement most Trending Open source Odoo ERP with High quality and reasonable cost, For more details write to us.

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