Zazzle Vendor

Import the Sale order, Product, Customer from Zazzle.

Import Order From Zazzle and create Sale Order, Customer, Product in Odoo Using that imported Data and Send Acknowledgement to Zazzle Customer Support Team or Administrator.

1. Zazzle API Configuration:

Settings -> Zazzle -> Configuration -> Connection

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URL: URL of Zazzle Vendor Account.

Vendor ID: ID of Zazzle Vendor Account.

Secret Key: Secret Key of Zazzle Vendor Account.

Hash MD5 Token: hash value of vendor ID + Secret Key if the secret key is added then this field is optional its automatically generate the MD5 value.

Product Variants: select if product Creates with Variants.

Acknowledgement : Accept / Reject.

Shipping Weight: weight info for shipping Order Product.

Shipping Label Format: Format off Shipping Label like PDF, ZPL, PNG.

2. Enable Option on Sale Module:

2.1. Enable Product Variants:

Go to Configuration -> Setting -> Products -> Product Variants -> Products can have several attributes, defining variants (Example: size, color,...).

2.2. Enable Shipping Cost:

Go to Configuration -> Setting -> Shipping -> Allow adding shipping costs.

3. Sale Order Imported From Zazzle:

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Create Order Using Zazzle Order Data.

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