Property Management

  • Property management system manages property and property units (a division of property).

  • The heart of this system is a Rental contract, Allotment contract, Facilities, and its installments and payment management.

Main Features

Property creation and management

Property unit creation and management

Image gallery

Video player

PDF viewer

Installment schedule manage for contracts and facility

Auto invoice creation for schedules

Auto surcharge calculations on schedule

Can go from the schedule to invoice


Auto upload images

1. Image Gallery

Odoo CMS - a big picture

User can easily open any image on property, property unit, etc. just by clicking the preview button. And rotate, download, print, zoom all this functionality available for a specific image.

Odoo text and image block

2. Video Player

A user can easily upload, play and download the small video.

3. Installment schedule manage for contracts and facility

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A user can create a schedule just by clicking ‘Create Schedule’ button.

For the rental contract, when a user clicks on the schedule button, at that time schedule creates between a start date and end date and based on a given recurrence.

For Allotment contract when a user clicks on the schedule button, at that time schedule creates based on recurrence and total contract amount.

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And ‘Reset schedule’ button is also available for contract, if in any case user wants to reset that schedules, then he can easily reset schedule by clicking ‘Reset schedule’ button. When a user clicks on the reset schedule button all the schedule delete and new schedule create based on recurrence and start, end date.

4. Auto invoice creation for schedules

Invoice creates from schedule automatically, If the scheduled date matches with today’s date, then invoice automatically create for specific schedule.

5. Auto surcharge calculations on schedule

If the surcharge rate available on the contract and the due date is less than today’s date, then the surcharge automatically calculates for that schedule.

6. Can go from the schedule to invoice

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There is a button on schedules, if a user wants to see the invoice related to a specific schedule, then he can see just by pressing that button.

7. Reporting

The user can print reports for property, property units, and contracts.

8. Auto upload images

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If the user has multiple images and he wants to upload an image on property in bulk. The user then needs to give a path for that image folder and inside that folder need to add other folders, that folder name should be the same as the property code, after that add images In that folder, and need to press a button, then all the images are available in that folder upload on the property based on folder name and property code.

Property Management E-Book

Download the complete E-book for Property Management

Document Image

9. PDF viewer

A user can upload a pdf document and can open that just by clicking the  preview button and can download and print that document.

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture

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