Point Of Sale (POS) Customization V8

POS Customization

There is several POS is available in the market. Odoo has  their own strong POS system for Hotels and Shopping malls. 

But as we know Customers minds always want different and unique products, So on that basis as per customer requirements we have customized existing  Odoo POS with V8.0.

To achieve requirements, following changes need to be done:

  • Overview of new Functionalities.

  • Basic Configurations and settings.

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  • New User-Friendly Design, Uniquely identifies the POS user from the standard user  form view.

  • When POS user login, Redirect and start POS directly without showing Odoo normal back-end interface.

  • Per  practical approach, if login with POS user than no need to show Odoo back-end. Just go to  POS interface as below.

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Product Tab

  1. Add tabbed design view for Products, Customers, and Orders.

  2. Redesign the POS Interface with a Tabbed view which allows to user to quickly change the view according to customer minds.

  3. This is the main Screen of POS where you can place an order. A user is able to search the product by Name, Category. Any time user is able to back to clear category and go to home page.

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Odoo CMS - a big picture
  • Park Order Mechanism, where a user can park order for short time in virtual memory It is the most common situation during POS session that anyone order is not able to proceed right now due to any reason but does later on when it will use park order mechanism.

  • During the order, if you want to park the order just click on Park Order button than it saves to local memory.

  • If you have Any Park Order user is able to see Remove Park button is enabled and If you click on it then it display you last save the order.

Customer Tab

In this section, a user is able to search by date or download date. By click on select order it able to pay or modified order very easy.

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Order Tab

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  • Returns Orders and Modify orders from Interface.

  • During the POS session if you select the product and Click on Credit Customer than it will save the Order and after user wants to change the order it is able to change. 

  • Click on Order tab on left side of the screen then select the particular order by select order by checkbox and click on modified Order. 

Select Order For Changes

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After Modify Order

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  • After Confirm the modified Order remain quantity back order generate on the back end.

  • Credit orders to Customers. Just Select the product and quantity than click on Credit Customer button than a select customer you want it will save the order.

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  • Create/ Modify Customers and display with a list view in Interface.

Create Customer

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Odoo CMS - a big picture

Modify Customer

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Odoo CMS - a big picture
  • Show total orders in POS with different filters like Draft, Paid, Done.

  • Pay Multiple orders of same customers at a time.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

POS Retail E-Book

Download the complete E-book for POS Retail

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