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AllClients Provides simple web CRM, contract management, and marketing automation in one.

The process flow of the system is as explained below:

  • Creation of Service Product

  • Creation of Subscription with specific services with AllClients.

  • Creation of Customer with an email address

  • Creation of Active Subscription Template

  • In progress Subscription Creation.

  • Create an Invoice for First Subscription for subscribed service.

  • Changes in subscribed service.

  • AllClients account is updated based on subscribed service changes.

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Creation of Service

There are two main services for Spider.

Above services are created based on the internal functionality of AllClients Integration. Like subscription is created with product code “SpiderProRE” then customer subscribed for SpiderPro Real Estate.

Subscription is created with product code “SpiderProMort” then its subscribed for  Spider Pro Mortgage. AllClients have a configuration for the group as services. 

It needs to configure in AllClients.

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Subscription Process 

There is subscription Template created and customer with all details mainly email address.

A process of Sale order and linked to subscription and create invoices

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