Meet Our Shapers

It's great that we get a lot of time to learn new things and develop.

We could call them employees or colleagues, but we prefer a more correct term for everyone who works at Caret – Shapers. What better word to sum up the very important of what makes these people unique and the fact that they genuinely shape the future, every day.

There's nothing better than meeting new people from all corners of the world who want to make the world a better place with the help of Odoo technology.

Every year we recruit graduates and trainees who learn about different aspects of Open ERP / Odoo.  During the year they get the chance to both share and gain valuable knowledge.

Who we are


Randhir Mayatra

Enterprise Architect

Randhir is an enterprise architect that specializes in the design of large-scale projects. With over a decade of IT experience & knowledge in BI, analytics, automation, and marketing, he has taken on the responsibility of delivering only the best by exceeding his customers' expectations.

At present working with Caret IT as a key role Odoo implementer & helping sales team through his continuous learning.


Anand Shukla

Technical Director

Anand is an experienced techie mind with extensive expertise and skills. He has proven expertise in designing ERP systems, IT security, and reducing costs while maintaining high quality.

Anand has excellent presentation and communication abilities, as well as the ability to grasp company requirements in order to cross-collaborate and maximize profitability. He has helped the company get to where it is today.


Bhumika Patel

Human Resource

Bhumika is responsible for the company's human resources talent management strategy and functions, including diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition,  organizational development, remuneration, benefits, and employee communications as a  Human Resource Executive.

She graduated with a master's degree in business administration and a bachelor's degree in business administration from HNGU University.


Parth Ghediya

Sr. Team Leader

Parth is a result-oriented team leader with  the many years of expertise and knowledge. He is self-motivated and constantly  experimenting with  the new technologies and techniques. He is very enthusiastic about Odoo development and strives to be a better developer and member of the development community as a whole. In his free time, he likes to study  about the human computer interfaces and the psychology of human-computer interaction.


Bharat Bhagat

Sr. Odoo Developer

Since 2017, Bharat has worked as an Odoo and web application developer. He holds a Master of Computer Application from Pune University, with the primary focus and inspiration that we are the ones who can help computers make the right decisions by creating incredible software.  He's been experimenting with responsive design integration and tools to create layouts that are readily optimized for aesthetic appeal on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


Dhaval Desai

Sr. Odoo Developer

Dhaval has been working in the software industry for over 5+ years, honing his vision and his skills with a belief in the great power of technology. He is good at creating new and helpful software that makes all your work very easy.  He had hands-on experience with Python, XML, and the Postgresql database, as well as HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, XML-RPC, less, Adobe Photoshop, and Git, and was familiar with the Odoo Framework for the development of enterprise applications.


Bhadrika Patel

Certified Functional Consultant

For over 14+ years of experience, Bhadrika has been a noteworthy Odoo Certified Functional Consultant at Caret IT. She has the ability to manage and motivate a team. She is adaptable to change and new technologies, quick at learning & observant. She had expertise in  analyzing the business requirements in the area of customization of  Odoo apps. development & implementation.


Divya Modi

Sr. Team Lead

Divya is a motivated and ambitious individual who is capable of providing fast and correct advice, guidance, support, and training to both team members and individuals. She possesses excellent management skills and the ability to work with little supervision while leading a team, as well as a proven ability to lead by example, improve best  practices, and effectively manage time.


Urvisha Monapara

Sr. Odoo Developer

Urvisha is from Surat, Gujarat. She has 5+ years of experience as an Odoo developer with a focus on 3rd Party  APIs Integrations, JavaScript, Python, SQL  - PSQL  database, HTML, CSS, Manage Git, XML, etc.  In her spare time, she is an avid long-form reader, a lover of all true-crime podcasts, and is attempting to work through the primary Ashtanga yoga series.


Chirag Patel

Head of Mobile Apps Development

Chirag is the head of mobile app development with 9+ years of experience with multiple technologies (android, flutter, and iOS) and a track record of success in creating apps that are both well-received and commercially viable, with stellar communication skills. He likes conceptualizing app solutions with the latest technology and design theory. He enjoys playing cricket, volleyball, and reading books.


Monika Rathod

Business Development Executive

Monika is a business development executive with a strong background in sales and  organizational growth.  She is a skilled communicator with over 2+ years of experience assisting businesses in achieving  organizational success through innovative thinking and identifying more efficient ways of growing company assets through  the new ideas and testing new market approaches.


Ajay Deshani

Graphic Designer

Ajay is a professional and visionary graphic designer at Caret. He has experience in designing eye-catching, impressive, and creative  color theme  visualizations for social media, web layout design, UI/UX design, logo design, video editing, as well as print media and advertising. He meets all the client requirements within a committed period of time.

We are a team because we respect, trust & care for each other. Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Caret IT is a team of hard-working and enthusiastic executives, Odoo ERP Developers, Consultants.

"Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, 
Working together is success."

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